Green Initiative

We are forward looking and understand the repercussions of not taking care of the environment. As a commitment, our process, products and sourcing all adhere to internally formulated Green Initiative document.

  • Pre-consumer recycling

    Marvel recycles all its production waste. It doesn’t leave the manufacturing facility as it is fed back into the feeders and recycled as per industry best practices.

  • Post-use recycling

    All our products can be recycled post use. There is no impact to the environment and we regularly buy back used products to recycle!

  • Resource Efficient Production

    Marvel ensures wise use of resources such as water, oil and electricity. Our plants treat water before disposal and even recycle oil in the boilers after a cleansing process.

  • Production Air Quality

    In an industry first, we have begun cleansing the exhaust air which already meets environmental standards. It is an initiative that is widely appreciated and being replicated to the Sahibabad facility.

  • Production Use Air Quality

    All our products emit zero to very low VOC's. We are compliant with stringent Californian standards for Indoor Air Quality in public buildings (Emission testing as per CA Specification 01350).

  • Clean Raw Materials

    All raw materials used are REACH compliant, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, lead and heavy metal Free

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