PVC Flexible
Sheet for Packaging


Marvel utilizes its own PVC Sheet production for all its packaging requirements. In addition we supply Clear sheets to various industries that use them for their packaging requirements.

Quality and Consistency is at the core of everything we do here. Our plants follow all environmental and technical standards set by the American and European Industries and are approved for supply to various countries across the world.

We design our PVC Sheets to be highly durable with 100% virgin raw materials and offer major benefits when compared to paper and other packaging materials. Moreover, our PVC Sheets are 100% recyclable, which makes the process environmentally friendly and offer cost savings to various industries.

The entire PVC Sheeting range is VOC compliant and meets the highest industry benchmark of REACH Compliance. They are completely lead and heavy metal free and are odorless even at temperatures exceeding 90 degree Celsius.

We have the largest multiple processing capabilities for PVC processing in India, which means that we can make the same product in a variety of formulations and from different processes. Talk about blown films, calendared or extruded sheets and expanded PVC Sheets, we have the ability to supply all the products from under a single roof.

PVC Sheets for packaging are offered in thicknesses ranging from 0.02mm to 0.20mm with features and textures as per customer requirements. We can even add custom logo colors to customers for their branding requirements.


Our packaging materials are used as following.

  • Industry: Packaging of finished goods, and shrink wrapping
  • Residential: PVC Sheets for household goods

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