What started as a quality control measure has now become one of the largest operations at Marvel. We started manufacturing Knitted Polyester, Cotton and Nylon fabrics in-house to serve to our requirements for substrate of Synthetic Leather. Now we run a large set-up of two knitting units that not only meets all our internal demands but is also supplying quality material to the industry.

Knitted industrial fabrics are mainly used as substrates to coatings in order to make Synthetic Leather or other Technical Coated Textiles. Our products are used in-house and are sold directly to other companies in the same line of business. We are currently in expansion mode, with capital orders guaranteeing double capacity in the next two years.

Knitted Industrial Fabrics PRODUCTS

Unparallel design range

Marvel operates a total of 48 circular knitting machines with 8 stations of slitting. We also have a dedicated team of textile engineers that work on designing textile blends that meet custom specifications such as elongation, tear and tensile strength.

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