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PVC is not a new entrant in the electrical insulation field. However, new compounds and advances in additive technology have taken the insulation levels much higher than even rubber.

We at Marvel are continuously innovating to meet new applications in this arena, and more so are educating industries and the government to switch from the traditional rubber based products to PVC for their insulation needs.

For flooring, the Indian Government has regularized the use of PVC Insulation mats as the recommended form of electrical insulation in high voltage areas.

PRODUCT Solutions

for electrical insulation

Rubber Mats

Volt Safe

Electrical Insulation Mats: Shock Safe insulation mats are the preferred choice for high voltage areas like transformer rooms and generator rooms. It offers high chemical resistance, fire resistance, and superior electrical insulation, while being designed for a long life span. The mats are highly durable and offer a number of advantages over traditional rubber mats. Marvel customizes cut sized for your requirement and is one of the only ISI certified manufacturers of PVC insulation mats in the country.

Electrical Insulation Mat

Customized PVC Flexible Sheets

Our electrically insulated PVC sheets and films are used for insulation tapes. The traditional PVC compound is treated with insulating additives and blended in a proprietary process to achieve high levels of electrical insulation. This product is highly specialized and is offered in roll form (Without adhesive). Contact us to know more about product specs and available colors.


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