Marvel has expertise in the manufacture of single side coated textiles for a variety of industries. We can easily claim to have the largest customizable options in our material, ranging from coating weights, thicknesses, prints, textures and specifications. Our adoption of world-class technology helps us produce high quality fabrics catering to applications ranging from agriculture, commercial to defense.

The layers Of

Single Side Coated Textiles

Customized Coatings

in PU and Acrylics for
Scratch Resistance,
anti-bacterial, Leather Feel,
FR, Water Repellency, etc.

Pure Textured

PVC or PU Top Layer

PVC or PU Adhesive

Textile Substrate

of Choice

Known for their toughness and fungus resistance qualities, Marvel manufactures a variety of technical textiles primarily backed or coated with polymers in different thicknesses and weights.With the primary focus on Quality and Consistency, we continue to have the most diverse quality laboratory setup in the country. We understand that coated textiles are put through difficult tests throughout their life and use 100% virgin raw materials in their construction for enhanced durability.

Our proprietary coatings serve multiple applications and make us able to supply products which are: fire retardant, scratch proof, water repellant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and UV stabilized. We use of a combination of PU, PVC and acrylic coatings in addition to the relevant textile to achieve a variety of product needs. We also offer a variety of print options if the product is to be used as awnings or other furnishing applications.

The entire Coated Textile range is VOC compliant and meets the highest industry benchmark of REACH Compliance.

They are completely lead and heavy metal free and are odorless even at temperatures exceeding 90 degree Celsius.

Our single side coated textiles are designed to be highly durable and are put through a variety of tests before dispatch. Some of our products carry 10 year guarantees and we offer full installation support in India.

Our range of post processing equipment like lacquering lines and multi-color printers also ensure increased applications of our products. Our polymer scientists continue to innovate while trying to achieve the best balance of weather resistance and durability.

Single side coated fabrics are offered in a variety of textile options and coating weights starting from 200 GSM up to 1500 GSM.


The most common uses of Single Side Coated Textiles are:

  • Automotive: Auto Hoods
  • Residential : Awnings and Tents
  • Commercial and Retail : Awnings and Tents
  • Transport : Truck Covers

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