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Marvel has been supplying to the automotive sector for more than 2 decades! In addition to being the oldest in the industry, we have no incident of line stoppage or quality issues in the entire time of supply.
Quality and Consistency is at the core of everything we do here and it is no wonder that most OEM’s in India have us as the preferred supplier with maximum share of business. Our plants follow all environmental and technical standards set by the American and European Auto Industry and are approved for supply to various countries across the world.
Marvel has warehouses close to its customers, like in Pune, Gurgaon and Chennai, where we stock materials for up to a month’s scheduled supply. This makes it easier for us to make just in time deliveries and take the pressure off our clients over stocking material. Moreover, customers also benefit from our two manufacturing locations, as they save on transport cost and can be sure of supplies even in force majeure incidents.

PRODUCT Solutions

for automotive industry

Cool Vinyl Leather Cloth

India’s first cool vinyl fabric for automotive seat covers. Marvel offers you cool vinyl leatherette for seat covers which is eco-friendly and remains cooler by 20°C in summer heat. This cool vinyl material is especially designed for two wheeler seats – bikes, scooters etc.


Breathable Leatherette

Marvel offers you breathable nontoxic leather like material, sweat free comfort for your car seat covers, furniture upholstery, shoes and clothing. Breathable material doesn’t only let your skin breath in the scorching heat inside the car but also lets you enjoy the soft and suppleness of car seat covers in the coldest of weather. Our breathable faux leather range keeps your surroundings free from volatile chemicals and bad odour even in the harshest of environments.


Baby Safe Nontoxic Leatherette

Keep your young ones healthy by opting India's safest faux leatherette fabric for your car seats and home. Our nontoxic, breathable car upholstery material giving you leather like comfort that fulfill your needs in a pocket friendly way. Marvel keeps your little ones safe by ensuring your car’s environment is 100% non-toxic.

Automotive Solutions

PVC Sheet

Marvel is a pioneer in the supply of PVC Sheets and Films to the auto sector. With our vast experience and manufacturing capacity, we have Indian auto motive’s maximum share of business in PVC Sheet. Our PVC Sheeting is used in a variety of applications including: Roof lining, Door trims, Sun visors, Tool case, Door pads and Door linings and many more. Our PVC Sheets are long lasting, anti-bacterial, temperature stabilized and Fire Retardant, making them an ideal choice for cars.


Skid Safe Floor

Marvel’s skid safe floor is widely used in commercial vehicles as it is spill proof and highly durable. Skid Safe PVC Flooring range is fire retardant, VOC Complaint, temperature stabilized and anti-bacterial. These features make the product ideal for use in small and large trucks, taxis, and other passenger transport vehicles. Skid Safe Vinyl flooring is offered in various thicknesses and with different features for up to R11 Slip Ratings. Our range includes Silica PVC Flooring, Chips PVC Flooring and Rubberized Stud PVC Flooring.

Automotive Products of Marvel Vinyls


Marvel has the largest range of PVC Leather Cloth for the car industry. We use a variety of textile substrates, most of which are manufactured in-house to maintain quality controls. We also have an edge because of the ability to provide both solid and expanded imitation leather from each of our plants. Our PVC Leather Cloth is REACH complaint, water proof, anti-bacterial, stain-resistant, color fast and temperature stabilized. Marvel is the only manufacturer in India to have a complete perforation line, making us able to supply breathable PVC Leather.

Marvel's Automotive Industry

Double Side Coated Textiles

Double side coated textile, PVC and PU based are used in car and auto hoods. It is also used in commercial vehicles to save carrying load from the external weather elements. All our coated textiles are UV stabilized, ensuring the highest standards of weather testing.

Automotive Industry of Marvel Vinyls

Customized Loop Structure Fabrics

Marvel develops and offers various textile for post processing into items such as roof liners and fabric seat covers. Our customized textiles add life to the end product and are designed to meet specifications such as elongation, tear and bursting strengths. We provide fabrics based on polyester, cotton, nylon and poly viscous blends.


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