Marvel has pioneered the manufacture of high performance technical coated textiles in India. With the largest multi-processing capabilities in the country, Marvel can produce technical textiles via a wide variety of processes.

We can easily claim to have the largest customizable options in our material, ranging from coating weights, thicknesses, prints, textures and specifications.

Our adoption of world-class technology helps us produce high quality fabrics catering to applications ranging from agriculture, commercial to defense. Known for their toughness and fungus resistance qualities, Marvel manufactures a variety of technical textiles primarily backed or coated with polymers in different thicknesses and weights.

We offer end products and services for specialty coatings to users to add life and features to textiles.

And offer a vast variety of coating solutions to add specialty characteristics to any form of textile.

Cotton, polyester, nylon, blended fabrics; Marvel can make any fabric water/stain resistant, heat resistant, fire proof, water resistant, UV resistant, Anti-Bacterial, Insulating, Conductive, to name just a few. Marvel's specialized team for specialty coatings can meet specific market requirements by suggesting coatings to be performed to meet the customer requirements. Marvel performs its textile coatings on 2 direct coating lines with the added facility of dipping, laminating and printing all on a single machine! This not only reduces cost, but also adds to a capacity of converting 800 MT of fabrics monthly.

Our expertisein polymers including PU, PVC and acrylics is alsoenhanced by a dedicated R&D center for technical coated textiles. Contact us to know how we can add more of everything to your fabrics.

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