Marvel is pleased to offer the widest range of plasticizers for PVC and Rubber flexible applications. Its state of the art manufacturing facility in Malanpur, India is the most automated plant in the country.

Marvel Miraiplast Plasticizer Range

Various specifications to meet and exceed end application requirements

Plasticizers play a crucial role in enhancing the flexibility and durability of various materials, particularly in the realm of polymer-based products. Among the notable options in the market, Miraiplast plasticizers stand out as a reliable and innovative solution. These plasticizers are specifically designed to enhance the properties of vinyl materials, particularly in applications involving polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds. Miraiplast plasticizers are tailor-made additives that contribute to the adaptability and versatility of PVC, a widely used synthetic polymer. These plasticizers work by reducing the intermolecular forces within the PVC matrix, thereby increasing its flexibility, resilience, and overall workability. This characteristic is especially crucial in products that require a combination of strength and flexibility, such as vinyl flooring, medical tubing, and automotive interior components. What sets Miraiplast plasticizers apart is their dedication to both performance and environmental considerations. With the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness, these plasticizers offer formulations that adhere to regulatory standards while still delivering optimal material characteristics. The use of eco-friendly plasticizers not only caters to market demand for greener alternatives but also aligns with long-term environmental goals. Manufacturers and industries utilizing PVC compounds and vinyl-based materials benefit from Miraiplast's diverse range of plasticizers. The plasticizer types encompass various characteristics, ensuring compatibility with specific applications. From enhancing chemical resistance to enabling low-temperature flexibility, these plasticizers address a spectrum of requirements across industries. As the plasticizer market continues to evolve, keeping track of industry trends, innovations, and regulations becomes paramount. This requires staying informed about the latest plasticizer formulations, market dynamics, and emerging alternatives. By understanding the benefits, safety aspects, and potential challenges associated with plasticizers, industries can make informed decisions in selecting the right additives for their products. Miraiplast plasticizers exemplify the convergence of science, engineering, and environmental awareness in the field of polymer technology. Their role in revolutionizing the performance of PVC-based materials underscores the importance of continuous research and development, ensuring that future plasticizers will not only meet the demands of the market but also contribute to a sustainable and adaptable industrial landscape.


Marvel offers its range of plasticizers directly to Industrial customers in India and abroad. We have a warehousing facility in Sahibabad, UP and Bahadurgarh, Haryana in addition to export via ICD Malanpur, MP.

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