Marvel Industries is proud to present its proprietary modified Phthalic Plasticizer designed specifically for the application of transfer coating Synthetic Leather and Calendered products. This adds to our existing range of conventional Phthalic plasticizers like DOP, DINP and DBP.

Miraiplast 1090 is extremely effective for the manufacture of products in use for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Some of the many key properties of vinyl products with Miraiplast 1090 include resistance to changing weather conditions, water resistance, high thermal insulation, long-lasting wear and durability, and low volatility especially in high temperatures. These features together make products more resistant to degradation.

The chemical is offered in Plastic Drums or Stainless Steel based on requirement. We also offer bulk shipment through tankers or flexibags. Being responsible towards the environment, we can offer a discount for the usage of recycled drums.


Usage of Miraiplast 1090 in place of conventional Phthalic Plasticizer like DOP has shown tangible cost, processing and product superiority benefits over DOP. With a substitution factor of 1.00 with DOP, Miraiplast 1090 overcomes the financial disadvantage of using DINP which has a substitution factor of 1.04 to DOP.

Study of usage of Miraiplast 1090 have proven its supremacy over other Phthalic Plasticizers with respect to following process/cost benefits:-

- Substitution factor of 1.00 against DOP for synthetic leather production.
- Total volatile loss of the recipe using Miraiplast 1090 is typically 50% lower as compared to the recipe using DOP.
- Usage of viscosity depressants (which do not add weight to the compound) is substantially lower, thereby giving huge financial savings.
- Specific gravity of Miraiplast 1090 is about 1.5% lower than DOP resulting into lower weight of the material, imparting financial benefits, if the material is sold by meters.
- Miraiplast 1090 plasticized plastisol has lower and stable viscosity and hence has a higher line speed compared to DOP.
- Low volatility results in reduced process emissions, thereby improving working conditions.
- Low density also helps in lower energy consumption.
- Due to lower volatility, product life is higher and physical properties of the product are maintained for a longer time showing better weather ability properties. Most suited for footwear, upholstery and other durability relevant products.
- Lower addition of viscosity depressants results into substantial odor reduction from the finished product.
- Priced reasonably around DOP, No need for expensive plasticizers.
- Practically proven paste compound cost reduction and higher processing speed resulting around 2.5% cost advantage.
- Miraiplast 1090 anti-microbial properties are much superior compared to DOP.

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