Marvel's Anti-Stat flooring is specifically designed to effectively control the accumulation, generation, and dissipation of static charges. This flooring tiles solution provides a safe environment by preventing fires and system failures that can be caused by static charges generated on the floor. It is manufactured using state-of-the-art calendaring technology, incorporating high-quality conductive materials and carefully balanced amounts of special-purpose additives.

The 3 layers

of the Anti-Stat Floor

anti-static flooring
art floor

PVC Base Layer

PVC backing

anti static flooring from marvel vinyls

Intermediate carbon layer

anti static floor

PVC wear layer

floor tiles

Marvel's Anti-Static flooring complies with the requirements of the widely used material specifications like ISO, RDSO specn. No.C-8515 Rev.2, IS-3462/1986. We have mastered our Static Discharge Flooring or Anti-Static formulation and technology by way of making continuous investments towards the development of this product.

Conductive or Anti-Static flooring from Marvel is not only anti-bacterial, but also fungus resistant and static charge defusing. This ensures that the product is a choice for areas with critical equipments, electrical appliances and electronic assembly lines aren’t damaged by static charge that usually builds on floors due to traffic.

We design our products to be highly suited to the specific applications of our end customers. Our PVC Anti-Static Flooring range provides a diverse selection of products with special features tailored to meet various usage requirements. These features include anti-bacterial properties, fire resistance, anti-fungal properties, and more. Moreover, our complete vinyl Anti-Stat flooring range is VOC compliant.

It is critical to customize the flooring based on the specific need; hence Marvel offers two standards of Static resistance in 2.00mm and 3.00mm.


Anti-Static PVC Flooring is recommended at all areas where static charge can damage critical equipment or hamper regular working of an establishment :

  • Hospital ICU’s and Operation Theaters - Anti-Bacterial Anti-Static PVC Flooring
  • Electronic Assembly Lines - Anti Static PVC Flooring
  • Telecommunication Towers
  • Computer Rooms
  • Radar Stations
  • Any other area for the dissipation of static charge

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