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Innovation is the backbone of any processing industry. We at Marvel have set aside a development team specifically for the defense industry.

Requirements for defense are complex, with each product being customized to offer a particular utility. Having a wide product range and the largest multiple processing capability in India, Marvel is geared to meet any requirement with better specs, and at a competitive price.

PRODUCT Solutions

for defence industry

dyna floor

Dyna Floor

Conductive PVC Flooring: Marvel offers a critical solution to explosive handling units. Dyna Floor is a conductive ESD PVC Vinyl Flooring that takes static discharge to the next level. There is nothing safer than Dyna Floor for an explosive manufacturing unit. Marvel’s Dyna Floor has been certified and recommended for use in all explosive handling units in the country.


Shock Safe

Electrical Insulation Mats: Shock Safe is a flooring solution for transformer rooms and an flooring solution for transformer rooms and an place with a heavy electrical setup. We offer shock safe insulation mats cut in size and in rolls that meet all ISI and European standards. Marvel’s Shock- Safe has been certified and recommended by the Defense Research and Development Organization in India.

defence industry of marvel vinyls


PVC Leather for Footwear Industry: Marvel supplies PVC Leather Cloth customized for high altitudes and rugged use. We offer materials that offer upto 1 million flex cycles, a number still not achieved by genuine leather. Moreover, our materials have temperature resistance up to -20 degree Celsius, making walkwell the ideal choice for making footwear for soldiers on the field.


Travel Tough PVC Leather

Marvel’s Travel Tough PVC Leather is widely used in defense for the manufacturing of kits and carrying bags for on field soldiers. We ensure a very high seam resistance so carrying loads can be up to 100 kgs! Our travel tough range is also certified and recommended for use in Indian Defense.


Double Side Coated Textiles

Marvel manufactures camouflaged tarpaulins for the use of tents. We ensure high levels of durability including puncture resistance at the lightest weight possible. This makes it easy for a single person to fold and carry a tent that accommodates 10 people. Our double side coated textiles are also heat and cold insulated, proving relief from the external elements.



The armed forces use our materials for tank linings and for earth lining of dumping grounds. We ensure superior bursting strengths to ensure no leakage and seamless welding for strong inter-material bond.


Customized Coated Fabrics

At any given point, Marvel is working for a new product for the defense forces. Be it lining for bulletproof jackets, Infra-Red absorbing stealth material or heat and cold insulating jacket linings, Marvel is at the forefront of customized coatings to make more of regular textiles.


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