Products to last in
Harshest environment

Being outdoors or in wet areas like bathrooms, the biggest worry is always the life span of your furniture and floorings. We offer products that are designed to withstand the harshest of environments and at the same time provide utility in wet areas.

PVC in nature offers a high level of water and slip resistance, and we at Marvel continuously innovate to make these features better by additives and compounds that we develop continuously.

PRODUCT Solutions

for wet areas

Skid-Safe Floor

Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Stud PVC Flooring: In addition to being water proof and UV stabilized, Skid Safe Vinyl Flooring offers R11 Slip Resistance. This makes the flooring an ideal solution for bathrooms, and outdoors to prevent accidents and slipping. The product can be customized with a variety of textures and colors that suit your needs.


Elegance PVC Leather

Elegance PVC Leather is customized to add UV stability and water repellency to keep your furniture dry even in the toughest of environments. WR treated PVC Leather makes spilled water fall off as beads ensuring 100% dryness even under pouring water. In addition UV stability and color fastness ensure that the synthetic leather does not lose its color or new like appeal.


PVC Sheet for Water Proofing

There are various applications of water proofing using PVC Sheets. It is used to protect your valuable equipment or electronics or even set-ups outdoors. Contact us to know more.


Double Side Coated Textiles

Double side coated textiles in the form of awnings are popular for outdoor use. You may install these awnings at entrances or patios easily without huge construction cost to make the area weather resistant. What’s more is that you can fold the awning away and enjoy the sun whenever you feel like.


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