Marvel takes pride in having a multi-location set-up with multiple processing capabilities. We are the only company in the country that can supply most of its product range from two different geographical locations, ensuring complete backup in force majeure incidents.

state of the art

Marvel has re-established itself as the industry leader by

  • 6 calendaring lines
  • 3 transfer coating lines
  • an ever increasing count of loom knitting machines
  • a composite tile plant and 2 technical coating lines
  • Ancillaries like four layer laminators
  • multi colored printers, etc.

Marvel’s operational Plants

Sahibabad & Malanpur

Each unit is independent with all required ancillaries and infrastructural set-up. Managed by field professionals, they act as individual profit centers reporting to the corporate office in New Delhi. Each of these units, also operates an individual laboratory and development facilities for each of its units, with access to state of the art testing equipment as per European EN Standards.

Sahibabad, Up

26000 sq. meters

Unit 1 : PVC Films and Sheetings, Supported PVC (Calendered Solid Leather Cloth), Synthetic leather (Foamed PU and PVC Leather Cloth) and PVC Solid Mattings

Unit 2 : Industrial Textile Knitting Unit

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Malanpur, M.P.

39000 sq. meters

Unit 1 : Vinyl Flooring and PVC Solid Matting

Unit 2 : PVC Films and Sheetings, Supported PVC (Calendered Solid Leather Cloth), Technical Coated Textiles

Unit 3 : Supported, Unsupported Synthetic leather (Foamed PU and PVC Leather Cloth) and Industrial Textile Knitting

Unit 4 : Plasticizers including Di-Octyl Phthalate, Di-Octyl Anhydride and Tri- Octyl Trimellitate.

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  • Marvel Factory
  • Marvel Factory
  • Marvel Factory
  • Marvel Factory

All our machines are PLC controlled to offer tight process monitoring conditions. We regularly update the software and ensure calibration in the weekly maintenance cycle.

Marvel has completed setting up a company-wide enterprise solution in 2013. The entire process from Raw Material Procurement, Sales, Order Processing, Production Planning, Quality Control, Dispatch, and Finance are interlinked and automated. We boast of a set-up which enables us to trace the batch and supply of any of 170+ raw materials, if we key in the finished goods identification number for any of the 1 million rolls we manufacture each month!

All manufacturing locations and offices are linked to a central server using leased lines, offering real time information and control to each production, management and sales staff.

Marvel also widely uses an internal APP for android where-in sales staff can monitor exact status of their orders (whether under production or transit) and give real time information to customers.

On the customer front, we have finished integrating bar codes on all our manufactured products and are in the process of installing software at our distributors, so they can scan and maintain stock with triggers to remind them what to order and when based on product performance in the market. This software solution is being provided free of cost and maintenance.

As we maintain an inventory of more than 400,000 rolls of finished material at any given point, the next step for us is to integrate RFID stickers on our rolls so they are easily traceable in the warehouse.


We believe that an integral part of the infrastructural set-up is the 'People'. We are staffed by well-qualified technical professionals with years of experience in manufacturing of PVC products. We have an internal skill sharing program where-in one can opt for placement in a different product line or manufacturing setup to better his/her skillset.

Our 'People' are well conversant with the products and processes of QCDD- Quality (Exceeding Standards), Cost (Meeting Expectations), Delivery (Advanced Planning) and Development (Perpetual R&D and Customer Customization).

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