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PVC products in the
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Industrial applications of our products are too many to count. Every now and then we find out new uses for our own products because of innovations of others.

We are happy to be the preferred choice supplier for PVC products for industrial applications because of our long standing history and the commitment to serve

PRODUCT Solutions

for industrial application

Miraiplast 1090

Marvel offers you a specialized plasticizer called Miraiplast 1090, specifically designed for the synthetic leather industry. Miraiplast 1090 serves as a superior alternative to other phthalic plasticizers such as Dioctyl Ortho Phthalate (DOP), Diisononyl Ortho Phthalate (DINP), Dioctyl Terephthalate (DOTP), Dibutyl Ortho phthalate (DBP), etc. This advanced plasticizer ensures reduced volatile loss and enhanced product characteristics, making it an ideal choice for synthetic leather manufacturing.

Industrial Flooring

Endura Floor

Heavy Duty Flexible PVC Vinyl Flooring: We offer high-wear-layer PVC floorings that can withstand the heavy movements of even forklifts and other manufacturing equipment. For industrial applications, we highly recommend our 3.00mm Endura Heavy Duty Vinyl Flooring.

Epoxy Flooring

Skid-Safe Floor

Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Stud PVC Flooring: This product is extensively utilized in areas such as corridors, lifts, and other spaces where there is a potential risk of slippage, requiring essential anti-slip resistance.

Industrial Flooring Epoxy

Anti-Stat Floor

Anti Static PVC Flooring: Used for static discharge, this Anti-Static Vinyl flooring is used widely in the electronic industry. Other industries also make use of this product in their testing quality labs and also other areas where sensitive electronic equipment is used.

Epoxy Flooring Cost

Shock Safe

Electrical Insulation Mats: Shock Safe electrical insulation mats are offered in different cut to fit sized for panel rooms and generator rooms. This PVC insulation is a much better suited insulation product for today’s environment compared to rubber. To see its advantages compared to rubber please visit the product page.

Epoxy Flooring Residential

Appease PVC Leather for Stationary

Appease PVC and PU Leather cloth is used in both supported and unsupported forms for stationary and similar small articles. Marvel’s edge here is the ability to supply even back to back laminated products with different colors or textures on each side, making it easier for fabricators to make file covers and folders.

PVC Sheets

Customized PVC Sheets

PVC Sheets from Marvel are used for various purposes by different industries. Some use them for water proofing, others use it for packaging, and there are endless uses for this product. PVC Sheets and Films are gaining appeal due to PVC being 100% recyclable. We regularly buy back PVC material after its end life to recycle and make a new Marvel of it.

Geo Membrane


Geo-membranes are used in applications such as earth lining for waste disposal and even in road construction. This is a highly customized product that is made as per specific requirements. We have enough permutations combinations to make products that meet your stringent norms.

Industrial Fabrics

Knitted Industrial Fabrics

Marvel manufactures all of its knitted fabric requirements in house in both the Sahibabad and Malanpur plants. In addition, we also supply a huge variety of knitted fabrics to the industry for the use of manufacturing of leather cloth and other flocked fabrics.


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