Marvel’s Supra Floor is also known as Chips, Silica and Anti-Skid. This Anti Skid Transport Flooring product symbolizes the perfect combination of good traction and long wearability along with class. Bringing safety alive, attractively!

The 4 layers

of Supra Flooring

Textile substrate

Pure PVC Base Layer

Anti-Bacterial Layer

Anti-Fungal, and Scratch
Resistance Treatements

Pure PVC Base Layer

Heavy Embossed Anti-Slip Texture

Silica and PVC Ships.
R11 Anti-Slip Rating

Supra Flooring is commercial/Transport flooring for heavy duty applications that require extreme traction and durability. Supra Anti Skid Transport Flooring is offered in various compositions including Homogeneous and Heterogeneous construction.

Our Supra Anti Skid Flooring for Buses, Trucks, Trains, Lifts, Railway Coaches are known to set new benchmarks in toughness and slip-resistance meeting and exceeding R11 standards and are perfect for high traffic and wet areas. By maintaining the same color throughout the thickness of the PVC Flooring, we ensure that they have a long lifespan and don’t de-color on use.

The flooring is offered in finishes ranging from ultra matt to super high gloss depending on consumer tastes and applications. In addition the top layer has silica particles and PVC Ships to ensure a rough service for the highest slip resistance standards in the industry. We also offer rubberized coatings on the flooring to make the product more slip resistant.

Supra Heavy Duty Anti Slip Flooring is offered in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1.00mm to 3.00mm and in widths up-to 2 meters. We also offer this Anti Skid Transport Flooring in tiles or planks custom sized to your requirements. The key characteristic is the Silica and Chips that enhances the slip resistance of the product.


While the product is best suited for Wet Areas and For Transport applications, different specifications of Skid-Safe make it apt for the following uses:

  • Wet Areas- Bathrooms and other wet areas- Rubberized Anti-Slip Flooring
  • Commercial Establishments, Schools and Offices- Anti-Slip Flooring for high traffic and inclines
  • Transport- Anti-Slip Flooring for railways, busses and commercial vehicles
  • Any other heavy traffic area which requires good slip resistance

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