Single Circular
Knitted Fabric


Marvel has a complete range of single jersey circular knitted fabrics. We use various yarns of polyester, cotton, nylon, and their blends to create circular knit structures ranging from 20 GSM all the way up to 800 GSM. We operate two facilities for circular knitting, one each in Sahibabad and Gwalior, with the main aim to feed our internal requirement of 130 MT monthly.

These fabrics are designed in a variety of warp andweft configurations to deliver on specific features of elongation, tear, tensile and bursting strength. We can also manufacture single jersey water repellant

fabrics via our dipping process. The entire production process is in-house with circular knitting machines, slitting machines, dying facility and heat setting stenter. We supply Single Jersey Knitted Fabrics to other industries; contact us with your requirements for a specific quote.



  • Industry: Use as substrate for polymer coatings
  • Automotive: Used as seat covers, roof liners and door trims
  • Residential: Low cost furnishings

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