PVC Leather


Marvel is a pioneer in developing products for the footwear industry. Specifically for high use applications, we are the only company in India that offers life span guarantees for its products. Our Walkwell range is used and appreciated by leading OEM manufacturers in India, and we put our weight behind them for quality guarantees. The Leather for Shoes range covers the entire spectrum of Shoe Linings, Insoles and Uppers.

The layers Of synthetic leather

PVC Foam Layer

PVC or PU Adhesive

or None in Case
of Unsupported

Textile Substrate

of Choice or None
in Case of Unsupported

Customized Coatings

in PU and Acrylics for
Scratch Resistance,
anti-bacterial, etc.

Top Layer

Pure Textured PVC Layer

Apart from innovations in designs, Marvels main focus lies in maintaining the product quality and consistency. We understand the footwear industry and are at the forefront of product development, delivery and cost reduction measures. Our plants follow all environmental and the products meet technical standards of the highest level of ISO, BIS standards for footwear testing like ISO 7016, ISO 3376, ISO 17706, ISO 17694, ISO 11642, ISO 11640, ISO 34OO Part X, IS 1419 and many others.

Marvel’s focus is on developing footwear products that meet extremely high specifications. We understand the footwear industry and believe that our materials need to be tough enough to be worn without fear of cracking. We are the only company in India that offers a guarantee of up to 1 million bally flex cycles rating in shoe uppers. In addition, we are the only ones with quality testing facilities at temperatures as low as -20 degree Celsius, making us the sole supplier to footwear companies targeting high altitude markets. .

Most of our supplies in the footwear industry are OEM’s that value quality and consistency. In addition, we also export the Walkwell range of PVC Leather for Shoes to Europe where low temperatures need extremely high quality materials.

The Walkwell range of Leatherette for Shoes not only matches the look and feel of leather but is also customized with a range of coatings. Most of the Walkwell range comes coated with a layer of PU to ensure that the product feels like leather and is scratch resistant.

The entire PVC Shoe Leather Cloth range is VOC compliant and meets the highest industry benchmark of REACH Compliance. They are completely lead and heavy metal free. Walkwell is available in finishes from ultra matt to high gloss and in various leather-like textures and prints.

Our range of post processing equipment like tumbling, scrapping, in-line printers and lacquering lines also ensure increased resemblance to real leather while adding various options to make custom unique products. Our polymer scientists continue to innovate while trying to achieve higher quality standards and utility for highly abused products in footwear. This is made possible by our R&D Center, which is fully equipped with 4 pilot development machines.

Walkwell is offered in thicknesses ranging from 0.70mm for shoe lining up to 3.00mm for Shoe Uppers with substrate backers based on cotton, polyester, blends and non-woven in varying woven and knitted construction to meet specific customer demands.


Walkwell PVC Leather Cloth range covers the entire footwear industry in the form of Shoe Uppers, Shoe Insoles and Shoe Linings.

  • Footwear: Complete range for all applications and utilities
  • Healthcare: Anti-Bacterial Walkwell PVC Leather for Doctor and Nurse Shoes
  • Defense: Extremely Durable PVC Leather for high altitude and trekking

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