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There are various applications for our products at your residence. We impact your life more than you know of. Our PVC materials are supplied to over 40 countries worldwide through a network of OEM’s and distributors and make their way into articles in residences across the world.

We take client feedback seriously and keep incorporating new features and designs in our products on a regular basis.

Whether its furnishing, flooring or packaging, you will see our products all around residences!

PRODUCT Solutions

for residential

Art Floor

PVC Printed Flooring: Marvel’s low cost solution to your flooring needs, Art Floor. This product is a highly cost effective way of beautifying your home. With 500+ designs to choose from, we sure have something for you. Art Floor Printed PVC Flooring has a very low replacement cost and gives users the opportunity of freshness with its wide variety of designs. The range starts at thicknesses as low as 0.35mm.


Delight Floor

Heavy Duty Printed PVC Floor Covering: This Luxury Printed PVC Vinyl Flooring solution will satisfy all your premium needs. Delight is offered in multiple designs replicating the look and feel of wood and marble, while being a lot easier to maintain. Please visit our product page to see all our offerings.


Elegance PVC Leather for Home Furnishings

Elegance for home furnishings is PU and PVC based leather cloth that is highly decorative and designer. We keep our design range up to date, keeping latest trends in mind. What’s more is that we match colors with fabrics opening a range of possibilities for home decoration.


Walkwell PVC Leather for Footwear Industry

Marvel is a pioneer in developing products for the footwear industry. Specifically for high use applications, we are the only company in India that offers life span guarantees for its products. Our Walkwell range is used and appreciated by leading OEM manufacturers in India, and we put our weight behind them for quality guarantees.


Vogue PVC Leather for the Fashion Industry

We are developing an ever increasing range of imitation leather for the clothing and accessories market. Whether it’s an imitation leather jacket or a hand bag, you will see our products in various countries and with the top brands in the industry.


Customized PVC Sheets

PVC Sheets and Films have varied applications. In residences these are usually used in the form of table covers, shower curtains, packaging and also equipment covers. We supply top spec material to fabricators who further cut to size as per requirements.


Double Side Coated Textiles

Awnings are an increasingly popular alternative to construction for outdoor use. You may install these awnings at entrances or patios easily without huge construction cost to make the area weather resistant. What’s more is that you can fold the awning away and enjoy the sun whenever you feel like


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