Marvel offers a critical solution to explosive handling units. Dyna Floor is a Conductive Flooring and ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Flooring that takes static discharge to the next level. There is nothing safer than Conductive Vinyl Floor for an explosive manufacturing unit. Marvel’s Dyna Floor has been certified and recommended for use in all explosive handling units in the country.

The 3 layers

of the Dyna Floor

PVC Base Layer

PVC backing

Anti-Bacterial Layer

Proprietary ESD Formulation and ,
Anti-Fungal, and Scratch Resistance Treatements

Homogeneous Single
Layer Construction

We design the product to be highly suited to the end customer's applications. The Dyna Floor ESD Flooring range itself offers a wide variety of products that offer special features such as anti-bacterial, Fire Resistant, anti-fungal, etc. as per usage requirements. In addition, our entire PVC Dyna Flooring range is VOC Complaint.

It is critical to customize the flooring based on the specific need; hence Marvel offers two standards of Static resistance in 2.00mm and 3.00mm. Dyna Floor is offered in black color only.


Dyna Floor offers the highest levels of safety for static discharge. Its main uses are:

  • Defense - Explosive manufacturing units
  • Any other area requiring the highest level of static discharge

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