Dimensional Stability is important in applications of heavy foot traffic. Marvel’s guard floor offers all the benefits of Skid Safe with two added features: Sponge like impact resistance and also dimensional stability (preventing shrinkage or expansion). Guard floor is offered with a range of substrate options, starting from Jute, to Poyester, PP and Non Wovens.

The 4 layers

of Guard Flooring

PVC Supported Flooring
PVC Flooring

Textile substrate

Jute, Felt, PP, Cotton
or Polyester Non Woveng

Non Woven Flooring

Anti-Bacterial Layer

Anti-Fungal, and Scratch
Resistance Treatements

Guard Floor

Pure PVC Wear Layer

Heavy Embossed Anti-Slip Texture

Guard Flooring

Rubberized Finish

PVC Supported Flooring

With an extra glossy or matt surface, Guard Floor is also used as car mats mainly because of their strength and textile friction with car floors.

With the added rubberized coatings, Guard Floor can achieve Anti-Slip ratings of R11 and is a perfect choice for areas where safety is important.

This Flooring material is extensively used in parts of India, Russia, Ukraine, Central Asian Republics, African Subcontinent, and the Middle East; in addition to applications requiring specialized backing specifications. We offer a wide range of colors, designs and textures to choose from in the Guard Floor

We design the product to be highly suited to the end customer's applications. The Guard PVC Flooring range itself offers a wide variety of products that offer special features such as anti-bacterial, Fire Resistant, anti-fungal, etc. as per usage requirements. In addition, our entire Guard PVC Flooring range is VOC Complaint.

Guard Floor is offered in thicknesses starting at 1.50mm.


Guard flooring is used for dimensional stability and for sponge like impact resistance.

  • Automotive - Used as car mats
  • Transport - Used as bus floorings and for commercial vehicles
  • Any other area requiring impact resistance or dimensional stability while maintaining a high slip rating

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