Marvel's Volt-Safe Floor is a specialized electrical insulation mat with very high voltage insulation resistance, up to 33KV. It is a life-saving product that protects people working around high voltage panels or AC & DC electrical installations from electrical shocks.

Volt Safe mats

IS 15652 : 2006

(with date of use is 1st Nov 2007 as per govt of India gazette notification no SO. 2084)


To Transformer Oil, Alkali, Diesel and Acid

  • Fire Retardant
  • High Resistance of 1000000 M Ω with 500 V Meggar
  • 36 KV for 1min for 3mm
  • Light in sizes
  • 2mm, 2.5mm & 3mm
  • Life upto15 yr as per IS 15652 : 2006
  • Easy to clean
  • B/down voltage 65 KV for 3mm mat

Mandatory For use

  • As per CPWD general specification for electrical work part IV substation 2007
  • Central ELectricity authority CEA notification no CE1|59|CEA|E1 dated 20th Sep 2010 published in gazatte of India

Rubber Mats

IS 5424 : 1969

(withdrawn by BIS)


To Transformer Oil, Alkali, Diesel and Acid

  • Hammeble & Fire Catching
  • Poor resistance
  • Withstand Voltage 15KV for 1min
  • Heavier in sizes
  • 10mm, 12mm & 20mm
  • Life upto maximum 3years
  • Can’t be cleaned
  • B/down voltage 4 KV

Mandatory For use

  • Withdrawn, obsolete with no agency specified the use of rubber mats at present

Marvel has developed a specialized formulation to be able to offer Volt-Safe insulating Electrical Safety Mats in PVC. Marvel's Volt-Safe takes electrical safety to the next level as it is fire retardant and highly durable; a great advancement since Stone Age rubber mats!

We design the product to be highly suited to the end customer's applications. Volt Safe Electrical Insulation Mats can be made as anti-bacterial, Fire Resistant, anti-fungal, etc. as per usage requirements. In addition, our entire Volt Safe range is VOC Complaint.

We offer volt safe PVC Insulation Mats cut in size and in rolls that meet all ISI and European standards. Marvel’s Volt-Safe has been certified and recommended by the Defense Research and Development Organization in India.


Volt Safe Electrical Insulating Mats are used in areas of heavy electrical installations.

  • Industrial- Generator rooms, transformer rooms, sub stations, control panels and power plants
  • Government- Generator rooms, transformer rooms, sub stations, control panels and power plants
  • Any other area requiring the highest level of electrical insulation

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