PVC Flexible
Sheet for Automotive


Marvel has been supplying to the automotive sector for more than 2 decades! In addition to being the oldest in the industry, we have no incident of line stoppage or quality issues in the entire time of supply. Marvel currently is the largest supplier of PVC Sheets and Films to the Indian Automotive industry with a market share of more than 50%.

Quality and Consistency is at the core of everything we do here and it is no wonder that most OEM’s in India have us as the preferred supplier with us being single approved supplier for as many as 8 clients. We understand the automotive industry and are at the forefront of innovations, product development, delivery and cost reduction measures. Our plants follow all environmental and technical standards set by the American and European Auto Industry and are approved for supply to various countries across the world.

Our 70% manufacturing output is supplied to OEM majors and the replacement segment, while the balance is exported for use in automotive applications. Marvel is the most reputed supplier of PVC Sheets for Automotive in India.

We design our PVC Sheets to be highly durable with 100% virgin raw materials and customize them with a range of coatings suited for auto applications. PVC Sheets are offered with various proprietary formulations that make the product scratch resistant, water repellant, anti-bacterial, fire resistant, stain resistant, leather like, UV resistant and temperature stabilized.

The entire PVC Sheeting range is VOC compliant and meets the highest industry benchmark of REACH Compliance. They are completely lead and heavy metal free and are odorless even at temperatures exceeding 90 degree Celsius.

We have the largest multiple processing capabilities for PVC processing in India, which means that we can make the same product in a variety of formulations and from different processes. Talk about blown films, calendared or extruded sheets and expanded PVC Sheets, we have the ability to supply all the products from under a single roof.

Our range of post processing equipment like lacquering lines and laminators ensure increased options of features and custom products. Our polymer scientists continue to innovate while trying to achieve the lowest cost without compromising on our high quality and weather resistance.

PVC Sheets for Automotive are offered in thicknesses ranging from 0.10mm to 0.70mm with features and textures as per customer requirements.


Our PVC Sheeting range covers all automotive requirements.

  • Automotive: PVC Sheets for door trims, roof lining, sun visors, silencer components, tool kits
  • Transport: PVC Sheets for door trims, roof lining, sun visors, silencer components, tool kits

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