Cross Knit fabrics are specifically manufactured mainly in polyester yarn to add high levels of tear strength to end coated products. Cross knit fabrics, also known as interlock knit fabrics or double knit fabrics, are a type of textile construction that is commonly used in the production of clothing and other textile products. Unlike single knit fabrics, which have a single row of interconnected loops, cross knit fabrics consist of two layers of parallel interlocking loops. The interlocking structure of cross knit fabrics provides several advantages, including increased stability, strength, and thickness compared to single knit fabrics. The two layers of loops in cross knit fabrics make them less prone to stretching and distortion, giving them good shape retention properties. The fabric also tends to be less sheer and more opaque due to the double-layer construction. Cross knit fabrics can be made from various types of yarns, such as cotton, wool, polyester, or a blend of different fibers. They are often used in the production of items that require both comfort and durability, such as T-shirts, dresses, skirts, sweaters, and activewear. Overall, cross knit fabrics offer a versatile option for creating comfortable, stable, and durable textiles that are widely used in the fashion industry.

Marvel has also prepared a Poly Viscous blend whichcan be manufactured in a cross knit construction for applications that require good adhesion strength.

Marvel recommends the use of adhesion bonders on its cross knit fabrics for a superior bond.



  • Industry: Use as substrate for polymer coatings and for flocking.

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