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high durability

to take high traffic and regular wear

We provide solutions for various transport applications, ensuring that our products meet high durability standards to withstand high traffic and regular wear and tear, delivering long-lasting performance. Marvel has been accredited by most state transport boards in India, as well as Indian railways, for multiple products. Our plants have been inspected and certified for government supplies and luxury bus manufacturers.

PRODUCT Solutions

for transport industry

Skid-Safe Floor

Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Stud PVC Flooring: Marvel offers flooring solutions for buses and trains that meet high R11 slip resistance standards, in addition to T Group abrasion standards. We have supplied millions of meters of Skid Safe PVC Flooring to the Indian Railways and State Transport Boards. Our range for the transport sector includes Silica Carbide-infused flooring, Rubberized PVC Flooring, and chip PVC Flooring, all of which focus on making slip resistance better. All these products are offered in various embossed designs and textures.


Guard Floor

Supported PVC Flooring: Dimensional Stability is important in applications of heavy foot traffic. Marvel’s guard floor offers all the benefits of Skid Safe with two added features: Sponge like impact resistance and also dimensional stability (preventing shrinkage or expansion). Guard floor is offered with a range of substrate options, starting from Jute, to Polyester, PP and Non Wovens.


Autobliss PVC Leather

Marvel regularly supplies PVC Leather cloth to the auto sector. We are RDSO approved and have fire retardant products that exceed the highest ISI standards in the industry. We have a large share of PVC Leather supplied to Indian railways and have zero instances of quality based rejections.



Supra Floor is an industry leading solution for slip resistance specifically for the transport sector. With its embedded silica and PVC chips, it offers a rough top surface for applications like bus wand railways. With high FR standards, Marvel’s Supra Floor is approved for Indian Railways as well as major Bus Manufacturers in India and Africa.


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