Quality Commitment

We work around consistency and are proud to be continuously awarded as a “defect free” supplier over our supplies in the last decade!

Product Features

  • Durability

    Our products have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years! We develop them for high performance and ensure longevity by the use of need specific raw materials.

  • Wide Range

    Marvel offers more than 500 print and emboss design combinations. In addition we have state of the art color spectrometers to match any color requirements

  • Performance

    Our products are anti-slip, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static, and conductive. They also have moisture, stain, cigarette and chemical resistance properties suitable for high – traffic areas. Our products also conform to tough smoke, fire, and toxicity standards.

  • Capacity

    Marvel has sufficient space in its plants to increase its capacity by 70%. All our units are internally funded and owned.

Being one of the oldest companies in the industry, we understand the manufacturing process. We believe that off spec material is no good to us or to any of our customers and hence believe in making the manufacturing process as error free and automated as possible, with multiple checks at each level.

In our process there are three variables that may lead to an off spec product- Temperature control failure in ovens or calendar rolls, Speed variation of material flow and/or Raw material variances. These are all managed in the following manner:

Temperature Control

Temperatures are defined in the manufacturing software and then fed automatically into the PLC machines/ovens based on the production plan. The line starts only after achieving the minimum temperature as specified by the software. Temperature loss can be caused by a variety of factors, and hence a fail-safe in ensured. If for any reason the temperature goes off the specified range, the line triggers an audible alarm and simultaneously tags the production unit for special inspection. The alarm is audible for 5 minutes and if the temperature is not controlled within this time, the line is automatically stopped. The meters tagged while the alarm is triggered are inspected separately and tested rigorously before being transferred as a defect free material to the warehouse. If it fails, its recycled or sold as off spec.

Speed Variation

Speed Variation: Line speed is also defined at the production planning phase and transmitted electronically to the machines. The same process as above is initiated if anything goes off plan.

Raw Material or Compound Variance

Raw Material or Compound Variance: We enforce various measures to ensure no variations in raw material supply. As a policy, we do not change our raw material grade or suppliers irrespective of minor fluctuations in pricing. This process is easier as we import most raw materials in bulk and that too from reputed suppliers. Each raw material delivery is tested against the specs quoted for the product. If it passes, its fed into the system and transferred into the store. The software issues material from the store to the processing unit after due note of batch and invoice numbers to ensure traceability. At the compounding unit, the formulation is again PLC controlled with computerized weighing scales which prohibit mixing of any wrong compounds and further by color spectrometers to match the color xactly to the end requirement

Marvel runs all its tests in its in-house laboratories containing equipment suitable for testing products as per Indian and European Standards, RDSO for Railways, ISI and several other electrical tests required for Insulated materials. Our labs are equipped with pilot sheet making, foaming line equipment and plenty of ancillaries to conduct any test required for products.

Marvel is the only manufacturer in India with the capability of testing it materials in ambient temperatures of as less as -20 degree Celsius and upto 60 degree Celsius!

Each of our dispatch and delivery is accompanied with a pre delivery inspection report signed by the respective plant’s quality control manager.

Affiliations & Tie-ups

Marvel is affiliated with industry leaders, to share technical knowhow and also share process efficiencies. Our strategic tie ups products wise are:

  • 1 .

    PVC Films & Sheeting

    Hajung Industrial Co.

    South Korea
  • 2 .

    Synthetic Leather

    Canadian General Towers

  • 3 .

    PVC Floor Coverings

    Korean General Plastics

    South Korea

Research &

The Marvel family believes that innovation is the backbone of any processing industry. We have assigned a separate team consisting of engineers, technologists, and polymer scientists who are engaged in the following activities

  • Seeking alternatives for making the process cost & energy efficient.
  • Maintaining cost & quality competitiveness.
  • Developing new & innovative products.
  • Working on customized products based on customer requirements


Marvel constantly strives to improve its processes along with providing a great fulfilling work environment. We have been certified by various agencies for the quality of our products as well as our facilities. Each of our product range is certified with their respective quality standards, matching and often exceeding the requirements of the standard in question. Marvel's operations meet the standards of the following organizations
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

    Marvel Vinyls Limited has been certified by the International Organization of Standardization (9001, 14001, 45001) for its management system standards. All of Marvel's facilities have been accredited by this certification, and the company strongly adheres to the ISO guidelines.

  • RDSO

    The company has also been certified by the Research Design and Standards Organization- Indian Railways, for the supply of PVC floor Covering and Synthetic Leather material to them.


    Marvel has also been certified for supplies to the State Transport Boards. We conform to all their quality and specification standards for PVC Floor Covering as well as Synthetic Leather.

  • Export House

    Marvel is increasing its presence in international markets. With the growth in exports, Marvel is now a Government recognized Export House.

  • ISI

    Marvel is working hard to get its entire product range certified from the Bureau of Indian Standards. As we go further, our product range is constantly being marked with the ISI logo.

  • Synthetic & Rayon Textiles

    The company has also been certified by the Synthetic & Rayon Textiles. Marvel is increasing its presence in international markets. With the growth in exports , Marvel is now a Government recognized Export House.

  • IATF 16949

    Marvel Vinyls Limited has been certified by the International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems. All of Marvel's facilities have been accredited by this certification, and the company strongly adheres to the IATF guidelines.

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