Setting benchmark for

hygiene & performance

in complex healthcare environments

We understand the criticality of building materials in hospital flooring. Healthcare professionals work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of individuals and we respect that. The last thing they need is infection and related troubles associated with it.

Being in the healthcare field itself, Marvel has developed products that suit various requirements at facilities. Be it hospital floor vinyl, bed covers or hospital furniture, you will find a product suited precisely to your need under our offerings.

Our products are also heavy metal free and REACH compliant.

PRODUCT Solutions

for healthcare industry

Endura floor

Heavy Duty Anti-Bacterial PVC Flooring. Marvel offers Endura PVC Vinyl Flooring for common areas at Hospitals. Especially designed for this purpose, we offer a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1.00mm to 3.00mm with high wear layers, ensuring easy maintenance and a long life span. Endura Floor is anti-bacterial, VOC compliant and offers up to R10 Slip Resistance and is durable enough to take the weight of equipment’s which are routinely moved around in a hospital setup.



Heavy Duty Anti-Slip PVC Flooring: For wet areas, Skid-Safe Vinyl flooring offers an R11 slip resistance to avoid accidents. In addition, Skid- Safe is anti-bacterial and VOC compliant as well. We market Skid-Safe as wipe clean, because no more than detergent and water is required to clean them to brand new condition. Wear layer in Endura Floor is kept high keeping in mind the high utility of wet areas and bathrooms in hospitals.



Anti-Static and Conductive flooring from Marvel is not only anti-bacterial, but also fungus resistant and static charge defusing. This ensures that critical equipment’s in ICU’s, Patient Wards and Operation Theaters aren’t damaged by static charge that usually builds on floors due to traffic. It is critical to customize the flooring based on the specific need; hence Marvel offers two standards of Static resistance in 2.00mm and 3.00mm.


Elegance PVC Leather

Elegance PVC Leather Cloth is widely accepted in hospitals including critical areas such as ICU’s and Operation Theaters. Our Synthetic Leather for hospitals is anti-bacterial, stain resistant, fire retardant, fungus resistant and water proof, ensuring hygienic conditions in both public and critical areas in your facility. As longevity is important, we coat our PVC Leather with eco-friendly acrylics to make them scratch resistant and abrasion proof.


PVC Sheets for Water Proofing of mattresses

Marvel supplies a variety of customized PVC sheets to cover mattresses at hospitals. These sheets are highly durable and are anti-bacterial, fire retardant, water proof and stain resistant. It is understandable that hospitals cannot change mattresses with each inward patient, and Marvel offers a solution to maintain hygiene standards easily at a low cost.


Geo Membranes for Hazardous Waste

Bio Chemical and Hazardous waste is generated at healthcare facilities daily. We offer solutions that line waste bins, carrying carts and similar transporting apparatus to ensure no leakage of hazardous waste at the facility. We can customize sizes as per requirements, and can offer material cut to length or in rolls.

Antibacterial Flooring Mat


Marvel’s Medisafe is the perfect solution for hospital floors. Its anti-bacterial and FR properties ensure cleanliness and meet JCI standards. Medisafe is also offered in anti-stat, which is suitable for Operation Theatres and Diagnostic Facilities. Contact us to get a customized quote today.


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