Marvel offers a separate line of synthetic leather for the luggage industry (Travel Bags,Suitcases etc.) known as Travel Tough. Applications vary from bags to wallets and luggage.

Our focus for the travel tough line is for high quality and extremely durable materials that meet specific applications. Our biggest consumer being the Government, Marvel’s Travel Tough PVC Bags Leather is widely used in for the manufacturing of kits and carrying bags for on field soldiers.

The layers Of synthetic leather

PVC Foam Layer

PVC or PU Adhesive

Textile Substrate

of Choice

Customized Coatings

in PU and Acrylics for
Scratch Resistance,
Leather Feel, FR,
Water Repellency, etc.

Top Layer

Pure Textured PVC Layer

We ensure a very high seam resistance so carrying loads can be up to 100 kgs! Our travel tough PVC Bags Leather range is also certified and recommended for use in Indian Armed Forces.

Our main focus in addition to innovations in designs is quality and consistency. Our plants follow all environmental and the products meet technical standards of the highest level of JASO M-327-83 specifications.

The Travel Tough range of leatherette not only matches the look and feel of leather but is also designed to be extremely durable and customized with a range of coatings. Most of the range comes coated with a layer of PU to ensure that the product feels soft and supple and at the same time matches the leather look. Travel Tough PVC Bags Leather is also customized with features such as water repellant, anti-bacterial and fire resistant. Extra emphasis is put on making the leather cloth seam resistant to be able to take intricate stitching without any issues.

The entire PVC Leather Cloth range is VOC compliant and meets the highest industry benchmark of REACH Compliance.

They are completely lead and heavy metal free and are odorless even at temperatures exceeding 90 degree celsius.

Travel Tough PVC Material for Bags is available in finishes from ultra matt to high gloss and in various leather-like textures and two tone prints.

Our range of post processing equipment like tumbling, scrapping, in-line printers and lacquering lines also ensure increased resemblance to real leather while adding various options to make custom unique products. Our polymer scientists continue to innovate while trying to achieve the best balance of design and leather like characteristics. This is made possible by our R&D Center, which is fully equipped with 4 pilot development machines.

Travel Tough PVC Bags Leather is offered in thicknesses ranging from 1.20mm to 3.00mm with various substrate backers.



  • Luggage Industry: PVC Leather cloth for bags, wallets, luggage and other applications

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