• Wipe Clean
  • LEAD and Heavy Metal Free
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • VOC Compliant
  • Water and Dust Proof
  • High Bally Flex rating
  • Fire Retardant
  • Color Fastness
  • Customized Textures
  • REACH Compliant
  • High Temperature Resistance


Specification / Drawing: EN:1081, IS : 3462 /1986 Dimension: 2mm

  • Ply Adhesion (KN/m) Adhesion between plies in any test piece shall not be less than 1.05 kn/m.
    Residual Indentation(mm) Shall not exceed 0.10 mm
  • Thickness (mm) Max I Min I Mean The mean thickness shall not differ by more than 0.13 mm from that specified.

    Variation in Thickness
    The variation between any two measurements shall not exceed 0.20 mm

    Shall not be less then that specified and no t 6 mm more then that specified
    Dimensional Stability Machine direction(%)
    Change in any linear dimension

    Transverse direction(%)
    shall not exceed 0.40 percent.

    Visual Inspection
    After the test the specimen shall sho w no signs of curling
  • Visual Observation Should be free from pin holes, blisters, porosity & visual defects.
    Flexibility (00c For 60 minutes) Shall not break crack or show any other signs of failure
  • Electrostatic Resistance (ohms) AS PER EN : 1081 Less then 1X10^6
    Colour Fastness To Day Light The Colour Fastness correspond to at least standard No. 4
  • Elastic Product (mj/m³) The mean product of tensile strength and elongation shall be not less than 2MJ/m3
    Heat Ageing And Exudation (at 70°C for 15 days) No exudation of plasticizer shall be apparent nor shall there be any change in appearance. The mandrel test shall no t produce surface cracking
  • Curling (mm) Shall not exceed 0.75 mm

    Machine direction & Transverse direction (%)
    Change in any linear dimensions shall no t exceed 0.4 percent

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