Anti-Static Synthetic Leather

India’s first Colored Anti-Static Synthetic Leather Prevent shocks and component damage with Anti-Static ESD Flooring, ESD Safety Shoes, ESD Clothing, ESD Chairs, ESD Aprons, ESD Shielding Material, and ESD Gloves.

Marvel Vinyls Limited is the industry leader in speciality PVC Coated Fabrics and plastics. We serve the electronic industry for its ESD requirements with our Trademark Anti-Static, Conductive Floorings and Synthetic Leather.

1. Prevents damage to electrostatic sensitive components in the electronics assembly process
2. Prevents fires and hazards in high flammability areas like explosive manufacturing and oil and gas industries
3. Inhibit static build-up even while rubbing with other materials
4. Great efficiency with a controlled low resistance window of 2.2×10′ ohms to 2.2×10′ ohms
5. For the first time in India, available in a variety of colors as per requirement.

International standard method for measuring Anti-Static behavior BS 2050, ISO 2878