Artificial Leather

Synthetic Leather or Genuine Leather?

Synthetic Leather or Genuine Leather?

There are a lot of options today for one to choose from when it comes to leather and leather look goods. Be it home and office furnishings, your newly acquired car, or shoes and accessories; the debate has never been so popular.

Synthetic leather also known as PU PVC Faux Leather cloth has grown in popularity for a number of factors and it’s natural as the technologies used to manufacture them have brought the utility at par with genuine leather while maintaining a much better product maintenance life cycle.

Once installed, latest PU and PVC leather cloth cannot be distinguished from original leather in terms of appeal and overall appearance, but it does offer a lot of benefits for the consumers.

The difference between the two is noted below:

  1. Appearance: Advances in the development of faux leather or synthetic leather have reached a stage where it is hard to tell difference between the two products once installed. There are varieties of products available that are coated with water based lacquers that replicate the feel of actual leather. Moreover, post processing such as tumbling and washing makes the material more flexible and supple as you would expect leather to be. Marvel is one of few companies that offer its PVC leather cloth with leather infused fragrance that makes it hard to tell the difference!
  2. Utility: Advanced scratch resistance and performance coatings are not only Eco-Friendly Leatherette but also enable Marvel to add durability to the end application requirement. In furnishing, we have PVC leather cloth that matches the rub test of genuine leather. In footwear, we offer products with up to 1 million flex cycles which even exceeds leather! Depending on the application, leatherette can infact be customized to suit the end application better than real leather. This is made possible by the different combinations available of fabrics that support the PVC coatings.
  3. Maintenance: Leather is hard to maintain. You need to worry about stains, scratches, liquid spillage and temperature resistance. On the other hand, we have PU and PVC Leathers that are Eco Leather, stain resistance, water resistant, fire resistant and also temperature stabilized. It is as simple as wipe and clean!
  4. Environmental Impact: Marvel ensures no use of heavy metals and complies to REACH European standards for the raw materials used. We recycle all our air, solid and liquid waste completely before disposal. Moreover, artificial leather fights animal cruelty as no animals are harmed in the process of making your articles look premium!
  5. Cost: Synthetic leather is a much cheaper alternative to actual leather. Its replacement cost is low and is highly customizable. A variety of designs and colors are available and hence you are not restricted for choice. Its only better than PVC leather is maintenance free and has a long life span

Marvel Vinyls Limited offers a wide range of products that feel like leather, look like leather and perform better than leather. We are one of the largest exporters of PVC leather cloth in India, with exports to more than 40 countries worldwide. Wherever you are, you aren’t far from our distributors, give us a call to know more!