PVC Flooring

Vinyl Flooring or Ceramic for your home?

Vinyl Flooring or Ceramic for your home?

There are ever increasing options to decorate your home. With different options for flooring, it is hard not to get confused and make a mistake. Know more about the difference between PVC vinyl floor coverings and ceramics before you make a choice!

  1. Cost: Vinyl floor covering or PVC flooring is a much cheaper alternative than Ceramic tiles. The product is not only cheaper, it is also easy to transport and has a higher specific gravity. This ensures that costs are saved majorly in transport of your flooring. They are also impact resistant, meaning no breakage on the way to the installation site. All these factors make vinyl a preferred choice against ceramics when its compared on the basis of cost.
  2. Maintenance: Both Ceramic tiles and Vinyl Floor Tiles are very easy to maintain. The standard washing procedure would be to use a mild detergent and water. Apart from this both are stain resistance and it is as easy as wiping them clean. One area where vinyl flooring is better is scratch resistance. Ceramics have a tendency to be scratched easily. Homogeneous flooring on the other hand have the same color being used from top to bottom and hence does not show scratches visibly. Do keep these factors in mind while making your next flooring solution decision!
  3. Life span: PVC flooring is much more durable than ceramics. This is because of them being impact resistant and also of a flexible nature. While ceramics are solid and crack easily on impact, PVC flooring has enough flexibility to absorb the force of an impact. This makes PVC flooring last much longer and reducing cost of replacement.
  4. Hygiene and Utility: PVC flooring is offered in anti-bacterial variants, where in fungus and dangerous bacteria cannot grow on your floor surface. On the other hand ceramics have poor anti-bacterial properties. If you have young children or like to walk barefoot do keep in mind that PVC is a much better option to go with. In addition, PVC offers a better slip resistance than Ceramics, ensuring you don’t slip when the floor is wet. Consider PVC flooring especially for kitchens and wet areas like bathrooms.
  5. Appearance: Both products offer a huge variety of designs and combinations to play with. However PVC flooring is available in 2 meters widths, making it easy to install a preset design without worrying about making the perfect pattern.

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